Best Ways To Clean BBQ

What Are The Best Ways To Clean BBQ- All You Need To Know

Cleaning the grill is a simple process that involves scrubbing, soaking, and drying the various parts. In this article, we share a comprehensive guide on how to clean a barbecue. Meeting family and friends on the grill is one of the best ways to spend the weekend. And a clean and well-maintained barbecue can ensure that your food is delicious and prepared evenly.

Cleaning the grill is a simple process that involves scrubbing, soaking, and drying the various parts. BBQ’s and Outdoor has many years of experience in the production of quality barbecues and barbecue accessories. In this article, we share a comprehensive guide on how to clean a barbecue. In addition, you can also hire bbq cleaners who can perform this task most righteously.

The Best Ways To Clean BBQ Grills

Several parts of the grill need to be cleaned regularly. The grill, baking box, lid, and burners are some of the more important parts you should keep clean. By having clean components such as burners, you can ensure that the flames are evenly distributed throughout the grill. Your barbecue can be eaten wonderfully if you clean it.

Below we take a closer look at how to clean the grill:

Replace drop/Dry pan

Be sure to check the drip tray and the dried pan, as grease may accumulate over time. If the pan is full of fat, you must remove and replace it. Drip and frying pans are usually made of aluminum and are easy to replace. If you want to grill on a large drip, we recommend using a fat absorber to help absorb fat and grease.

Clean The Collection Box

The cooking box indicates the shell of the grill. Your grill, plates, burners, and food will be inside the baking box. It is important to monitor the level of fat accumulation in the barbecue. High levels of fat can cause a BBQ fat flame. The best accessory you can use to clean your cooking box is a scraper such as a Weber Cook Box scraper. Just lift the grille and place it in a safe place. Using a scraper in the baking box, scrape the grease towards the drip tray at the bottom of the grill. It is important to note that the scraper should only be used when the grill is cold.

Clean The Grill

The food you cook on the grill will be on the grill, which can accumulate a lot of fat and fat. To clean the grill, just put the grill in warm soapy water and start scrubbing! The best accessory you can use for grate scrubbing is a 3-sided grill brush. After scrubbing the grill well, wash it and allow it to dry before using it again.

Burners Cleaning

Cleaning the burners is one of the most important parts of the process. If the flames do not spread from every hole in the burner, it is time to clean them. Take a 3-sided grill brush and rub back and forth through the burner tube. If stubborn grease does not enter the burner tube openings, you can use a paperclip to remove the blockages.

Inside Cover Cleaning

The lid of your barbecue can become quite greasy and dirty, as many dishes can squeak during cooking. To clean the inside of the grill lid, simply wipe the lid with a microfiber cloth with warm soapy water. Several cleaning products can be very effective. Keep in mind that some products may not be suitable for the cooking area.

Best Methods To Clean Stainless Steel BBQ Grills

If you are wondering how to clean a barbecue, it is important to understand that there are two main types of grills and hobs. The two materials used for grilling stoves are cast iron and stainless steel. Although the method of cleaning these two grills is very similar, there are some differences.

Here are some ways to clean your stainless steel grille:


Vinegar can dissolve burnt food by gently cleaning the grill. To clean the vinegar, first, let the grill cool down. Then dilute two cups of vinegar with two cups of water and pour into a spray bottle. You can now spray the stainless steel grill with vinegar. Make sure the grill is well dried and cover all sides. When the solution is left on the grill for about 10 minutes, you can start scrubbing. By using a folded aluminum foil to scrub the grill, you can reduce the chances of any possible scratches.


One way to clean a stainless steel grate is to incinerate debris. Increase the fire and burn the food and dirt on the grill. While the grill is still hot, use a grill brush to wipe off any remaining debris. When the BBQ grill has cooled down, wipe the grill with a microfiber cloth or cloth dampened in warm soapy water. Or you can use the above vinegar solution instead of hot soapy water.


Some stainless steel grills that haven’t been cleaned in a decade (we’ve all been there) may need to be soaked overnight. When soaking a stainless steel grill overnight, you can use two cups of vinegar mixed with one cup of baking soda. After thoroughly soaking the grill, be sure to wash and dry it before using it again.


By now, you must have realized that BBQ is an indispensable part of your home’s cleanliness. It simply cannot be ignored. Not for the guests to come, but it must be kept neat and clean for yourself and near & dear ones. Make sure that if not by yourself, you must hire bbq cleaners that can take the stress of such vigorous cleaning on their shoulders. You can even look up to Bond Clean Expert, a bbq cleaning company Gold Coast that has sufficient years of experience and expertise to take up your work. Good luck and start looking for the most proficient people.


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