5 step guide to help you get your rental bond back

5-Step Guide to Help You Get Your Rental Bond Back

Cleaning is one of the main reasons for rental disputes, which is a good reason to hire a professional bond cleaner for cleaning at the end of a long stay. there are many reasons that can cause problems in getting your rental bond back.

When the period of occupancy has expired, please follow the procedure to return the security deposit. 

 What is a bond? 

The renter pays the security deposit to the landlord or real estate manager after signing the lease agreement. You must pay that amount so that the landlord can use it as financial protection if you violate the lease. 

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At the end of your rental agreement, the landlord will thoroughly inspect the property and decide where your deposit should go. If both agree on the amount, you can fill out the form and request a deposit.

What can the landlord ask for? 

The landlord can request the deposit: 

  • Repairs: If you or someone in your family damages the property, the landlord has the right to deduct that amount from your deposit. 
  • Cleaning: If you leave an important part of your rental property dirty, the realtor can hire a professional cleaner with your deposit. Replacing locks or others.  
  • Security Vulnerabilities: If you remove, modify, or add locks without the consent of the landlord. 
  • Outstanding payment: Unpaid rent and invoice. 

So here is a complete guide to help you get your rental deposit back without any dispute or dispute:

1. Go through your tenancy agreement

A lease is a contract between the owner of a property (landlord) and another person (tenant) who occupies the property. The lease agreement sets the conditions for the tenant to own, occupy, and use the property. The details of the deposit (prepaid deposit, parking fee, pet fee, etc.) must also be clearly stated in the rental agreement. 

The terms of the refund must be specified. For some tenants, the landlord is responsible for all the repairs and maintenance, whether it’s a  faucet leak or an air conditioner failure. There is also an agreement that the lessor will bear all costs of repair and maintenance. If you have a pet, read the rental agreement to see if your pet is allowed and, if so, if there are restrictions on size or breed. 

2. Give prior notice to the landlord

You need to give prior notice to the landlord, specifying the date when you will be handing back the keys. You should write an email to the landlord mentioning the date of your leaving the property with advance notice. Many real estate managers claim that they have not received a letter from their tenant to withdraw funds from your deposit.

Give prior notice to the landlord  

It is important to write a letter that clearly states your intention to leave the house. There is no need to justify the reason for leaving the property.

Therefore, you must keep a hard copy of the email and the conversation to avoid a dispute in the future. 

3. Pay your rent regularly

Decide in advance about when you are leaving the property to avoid costs such as hiring a mover, hiring a bond cleaning specialist in Brisbane, transferring utility bills, paying invoices, and finally the budget after paying the last month’s rent. 

Make sure that you pay all your rent on time so that the landlord does not get an option to deduct anything from the bond back. 

4. Get all the repairs done

Residents must not damage the rental property. You have to take care of all aspects of the rental agreement. Therefore, it is important to inspect the property before moving in thoroughly. That way, you can only fix the damage that you caused. 

According to the agreement, you will have to repair it yourself before the final inspection. For example, if you break a window, fix it as soon as possible. We will inspect all the rooms, look for broken doors, faucets, etc., and return the property in the same condition it was received.

5. End-of-lease cleaning is important

Before leaving the property, you have to keep the property in the same condition as when you entered, which includes all gardens must be restored to their original state, all furniture, and appliances that do not belong to the property, and all personal belongings and trash must be removed, but most importantly, the house has to be cleaned properly. 

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Don’t forget to hire a professional end-of-lease cleaning service to thoroughly clean your rental home. The trained cleaner has all the equipment you need, a checklist, and other tools to clean every corner to collect your security deposit. 

Do check your rental agreement once again, and also take care if it has any special instructions or rules regarding pest control or carpet cleaning


This is a complete guide to help you secure your security deposit. You can rest assured as much as possible because it contains tips, instructions, and other important information for getting the binding. For better results, be sure to hire the best bond cleaning company specializing in deep drain cleaning in your area. 

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