Bond Cleaning Expert Cleaning Tips Complete Guide to Bond Cleaning Checklist

Complete Guide to Bond Cleaning Checklist

complete guide to bond cleaning checklist in southport

Are you fed up with the tough stains on the floor? Or you are worried about the cleaning of your bond before leaving. Let’s have a complete guide to a bond cleaning checklist. Stay tuned with us to dive deep into it!

What is Bond Cleaning?

You might have noticed whenever we are shifting to a rented house, the landlords ask us to return the property in the same condition even in terms of cleanliness. So, the cleaning of the rental property before moving to another is known as bond cleaning. Professionals like Bond Cleaning in Southport will help you in the same. It is crucial to get back your security deposit and build a healthy relationship with the landlord. Yes, it sounds hectic but let us discuss the bond-cleaning checklist to ease the task. 

What is the Bond Cleaning Checklist?

Here are the guidelines to ensure your bond is cleaned efficiently.

Living Areas: Start by removing unwanted products. Pick a dust-removing cloth or wipe to wipe off all the dust from shelves, tables, couches, wall hangings, etc. Also, have a glance at any fingerprints on the mirror or any kind of stains. The last step includes brooming or vacuuming the floor.

Kitchen cleaning: Start with the oven and stove top. Use a cleaning solution that is available in the market to clean it. Then check the drawers and clean them inside out. It is advised by the Best Bond Cleaning Gold Coast professionals to use disinfectant to kill germs on the floor. After finishing the top area, switch to floor cleaning. Use a broom and a mop. You can also use floor cleaning products like phenyl solution.

Bathroom Cleaning: A cleaned bathroom is a remark of your good persona. So, cleaning the bathroom is a must. Choose to clean with bathtubs, sink, shower, and taps. You can use a scrubber and bathroom cleaners. After that scour the toilet seat with a toilet brush. To clean glass-made areas, use a dry or little wet cloth to avoid spots.

Bedroom Cleaning: To clean your bedroom, remove unnecessary products. Remove dust with a dust remover. Clean showpieces [if any] with a wet cloth piece. Use cleaning products to make the mirror shine. It will help you reduce the Cost of Bond Cleaning.

What is the importance of this Bond Cleaning Checklist?

Here are the reasons why a bond cleaning checklist is important.

  • Easy Management: With the help of a bond-cleaning checklist, you can manage your tasks easily. You can follow the first step to the last and can work with the flow.
  • Segregate the level of cleaning: Different areas require different types of cleaning. For e.g., a glassy area needs a little wet cloth cleaning whereas a wooden surface can be cleaned with a dry wipe too.
  • Cover all the areas: You can cover every bit of the area with the help of such checklists. You can pursue detailed cleaning of your property. 
  • Provides confidence: As we all know cleaning your property is one of the most difficult tasks. To start with, you need to have some confidence. A checklist provides you with the same. Hence, it is needed.

 According to Bond Cleaning it is said a bond cleaning checklist is necessary before you clean your property to maintain your task.


To conclude, bond cleaning is one of the crucial parts of leaving our rented house as it will help us get our security deposit back. To start with the bond cleaning, we can get insights from the checklist, mentioned above in the blog. Cleaning needs confidence and hence the checklist is important.