Carpet Cleaning cost in Gold Coast

What Is The Cost Of Carpet Cleaning In Gold Coast?

We know that cleaning is not merely making your house clean from the outside, but from the inside as well. Little aspects such as windows, tiles, cabinets, and more are the things that need to be considered for niche cleaning to make your home look refreshing and beautiful from the inside out. But wait, didn’t we miss carpet cleaning? Well, yes.

Carpet cleaning is one such critical piece of cleaning that cannot be missed. And if you’re worried about its cost, then don’t worry we will take you through the complete cost chart for carpet cleaning services in Gold Coast. However, the carpet cleaning for a standard 3 bedroom home usually costs between $75-$150. To those who don’t know, the cost of cleaning services depends on where you live, how large your home is, how many carpets you have, and how long it will likely take for cleaning. So, let’s not waste any more time and directly move on to discussing the crux of the blog. Let’s get started.

carpet cleaning gold coastWhy Should One Go For Professional Carpet Cleaning in Gold Coast?

Professionally cleaned carpets will last longer and ensure better hygiene in your home. Listed below are some of the most common reasons to hire cleaners:

  1. They rent and are required to carry out professional cleaning once a year and/or after moving out
  2. Their carpets look a little worse and they don’t like to hire a machine to wash their carpets with shampoo themselves.

There are many other (very good) reasons to hire a carpet cleaner. Most people think that carpet cleaners are a good investment in the cleanliness, personal health, and longevity of your carpet.

How Often Should You Go For Carpet Cleaning In Gold Coast?

You should vacuum the carpets about once or twice a week (more often if they are dirty). However, you should order a deep cleaning – like a professional carpet cleaning – every 12-24 months. You will probably need to clean your own more often if you have young children, pets, or live with a smoker.

To spend longer between carpet cleaning (and further increase your budget), use a welcome mat at the front and back doors. This will help reduce the amount of dirt entering your home. And if you spill anything on the carpet, wipe the carpet immediately to reduce the chance of staining.

The Approximate Cost For Carpet Cleaning In Gold Coast

The average cost of house cleaning ranges between $70-$150 but it is dependent on the amount of work involved. Carpet cleaning prices rely a lot on the house types, the tasks, and the work involved. We’ve reviewed all our recent carpet cleaning tasks posted in the global market to give you approximate price guides for each based on your city/location.

Sydney- $80-$200
Melbourne- $70-$180
Brisbane- $70-$160

Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning In Gold Coast

benefits of Carpet CleaningProperly steaming and washing carpets, they not only look more beautiful. It also cleans up a lot of nasty/harmful things like:

  1. Pesticides and herbicides you may have transferred from your shoes.
  2. Organic allergens and compounds.
  3. By-products and odours of cooking, heating, smoking, and candles.
  4. Heavy metals from dust (arsenic, lead, lithium, etc.).
  5. Small particles that your vacuum cleaner cannot catch.
  6. Anything you probably don’t want to allow to accumulate in your home for too long.

Factors That Affect The Prices Of Carpet Cleaning In Gold Coast

As you can see from the price guides above, different carpet cleaning services can cost $ 100 or more. Here are some factors that can increase or decrease the cost of your clean carpet:

  1. Your location/suburb.
  2. Several bedrooms.
  3. How many m2 is your carpet?
  4. The type and condition of your takeoff.
  5. Any accessories (eg corridors, lounges, car seats, carpets, furniture).
  6. How hard or easy it is to reach and complete the job.
  7. How urgent the work needs to be done.
  8. Whether you need to clean on the weekend or a weekday.

Hourly Rates For Carpet Cleaning In Gold Coast

Carpet cleaners working in Australia are eligible for the Fair Work Australia Cleaning Services Award. The award states that full-time carpet cleaners should be paid at least $ 20.21 to $ 22.04 per hour, depending on whether they are at levels 1, 2, or 3.
However, unless you are a commercial cleaning company or a large corporation, you probably do not plan to hire a carpet cleaner full time, so these rates will not apply to you. Since you will need to hire a carpet cleaner as a one-time contractor, they will have to charge you higher rates. This is because they will cover their costs, including:

  1. Their salary.
  2. Taxes.
  3. Old-age pension.
  4. Insurance.
  5. Travel expenses.
  6. Carpet cleaning machine and equipment.
  7. Carpet shampoo and cleaners.


Most of the time, your carpet cleaner will have to charge double or triple the standard reward rate to cover the cost of running their business. So you can expect to pay around $ 40-60 per hour for a carpet cleaning contractor. When setting a budget for a task, try to remember the approximate number of hours it might take and multiply it by at least $ 40.


It won’t be wrong to say that cleaning is the most crucial part of any property, be it home, commercial, or any other property. Please ensure that you’re hiring the right company or persons to clean your carpets as this can directly impact the final finishing of your carpets and ultimately your home. So, we wish you all the best and luck to find the most righteous person to do so. For all the critical information above, you can thank us later. But, for now, go and get your carpets cleaned right now.

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